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Fall and Spring Tune-Ups

Keep your pressure washer running through the season with regular maintainance. Our tune-ups include testing cylinder compression, testing the ignition system, replacing the spark plug, flushing the fuel system and cleaning the fuel tank, cleaning the air filter and housing, changing the engine oil, adjust engine rpm, adjust belt tension, test the pump's unloader, and replacing or cleaning the pump inlet filter. Give us a call today to get current rates.

Pressure Washer Pump Repairs
Your pressure washer pump has many parts which can cause problems. Our tune up includes changing the pump oil, changing or cleaning the inlet filters, and testing the unloader. If you need more than what is included in the tune-up we can handle that too. From replacing the pressure seals to rebuilding the unloader our technicians have the knowledge to complete any repair and the expertise to know when the pump is not worth repairing.

Internal Engine Repair

In some cases internal repairs must be made. From minor valve adjustments to replacing piston rings our experienced technicians have the training to complete any repair and the expertise to know when the engine is not worth the repair.

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