How to clean molds?

The answer to this question depends on the surfaces the mold has growing on and how severe the mold has gotten.
Mold in or on windows:
If using a mold product, read the label, apply it for the right dwelling time (how long it needs to stay on the surface before cleaning), Clean the mold, wipe it down, bag the cloth /paper in a bag and seal it of (tie it up), then throw it away, it is also good to hepa vacuum and clean all surfaces. Also make sure you have lots of fresh air coming into the area you are cleaning.
If the mold is on your dry wall, you are better of calling us; "do it yourself" in cases like this usually creates a much bigger problem than you originally had, such as cross contamination or exposing you and your family to potential health risks.
It's better to know how to prevent mold on windows:
Wipe down the condensation that is on and around your windows; further more prevent condensation in the first place: If you see condensation on your windows it is a good indication that your heat is too high compared to the temperature outside in the winter or your air conditioning is too high compared to the temperature outside in the summer. Thus causing your humidity levels to be too high in your house, when the heat in your house meets the cold window this causes condensation and vice versa in the summer. It may also be an indication that your windows were improperly installed or improperly insulated or caulked, allowing water to penetrate and build up between your windows and allowing cold spots where it is not insulated. This also may affect the drywall below your window. In this case, this is no longer situation that you can handle yourself and it is a good idea to call us, we will provide a free visible mold inspection and a free estimate. Canada's Restoration Services 1-888-551-0514
Clean the dust that always finds a way to build up on your windows, sill and window frames. Dust is a food source for mold and if there isn't a food source mold will not grow on a non-porous material (example: Glass). Clean Molds from Dry wall:
In Most CASES it cannot or should not been done alone, mold on drywall usually penetrates since it is a porous material, and therefore is not just surface mold. Generally there is more than meets the eye if it is on the front of your drywall there is a good chance you will find more mold on the back of your drywall. If you discover mold on your drywall call us right away to make an appointment for us to perform a free visible mould inspection.
Clean mold from concrete:
If you can clean it - If your basement is not finished scrub all of the concrete with a steel brush and T.S.P and then wipe down entirely, you still need to disinfect and hepa vacuum.


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