How to Store Cleaning Supplies

Every household has likely collected a team of cleaning tools and it becomes important to safely store these cleaning supplies and solutions properly. Learning how to store and properly organize your cleaning supplies will help to keep them from getting into the hands of small children or being accidentally ingested by pets. Here are some vital tips on how to properly store your cleaning supplies.

Store in a Dry and Cool Place

Make sure that you store your cleaning supplies in a clean and dry place. It is important that your storage space does not fluctuate wildly in temperature as that may interfere with the cleaning solutions and their effectiveness.

Keep out of reach from children and pets

Store your cleaning supplies in a high to reach area such as a higher cabinet in your laundry room or garage. Or you can consider storing your cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet; this will definitely ensure that your supplies will not get into the wrong hands. A high to reach place or a locked cabinet will ensure that any small children or pets will be unable to accidentally find your cleaning supplies which can be toxic to their health if ingested.

Keep cleaning supplies in their original containers

Keep all of your cleaning supplies and solutions in their original labeled bottles and containers. The labels on cleaning supplies offer clear directions on how to use and dispose of its materials. Keeping your supplies in their original bottles will ensure that you can always refer to the proper labels when considering how to use or discard the product. Even if you are personally aware of how to correctly use your cleaning supplies, a family member or hired housekeeper may not be familiar with the proper method of use, so it is best to keep labels on their respective bottles.

Properly label new solution mixes

If you mix your own solutions, make sure that you use a clean bottle to place the new solution and that you properly label the bottle. A permanent marker works best when labeling bottles and use large print when labeling so that there is no question about the contents of the bottle. Also when mixing solutions, make sure that you follow the directions given for the type of solutions being mixed; some combinations can be harmful if mixed improperly.

Check expiration dates

Expired cleaning solutions may become more toxic over time, so it is important to check the expiration dates of older cleaning solutions. Once a cleaning solution has expired, it would be advisable to dispose of it properly according to the directions on its bottle.

Determine cleaning supply hazard

Not all cleaning tools are creating equal. For instance, your vacuum cleaner and duster do not necessarily pose a threat to your children and pets, but should be kept in an area where they will be out of the way. If you have a hardwood floor cleaning tool that has a solution attachment, then you might choose to keep that cleaning tool in a more secure location because there is a chance that the solution capsule may fall off of the cleaning tool and land in the wrong hands.


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